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Mild Steel Ingots

Mild steel ingots are the basic raw material for manufacturing various types of rerolled products. With the increased infrastructural activities in the country, the demand for mild steel ingots are very high now-a-days.

We offer a wide range of steel ingots for applications like forging, upsetting, and ring-rolling applications. The product quality of our steel ingots can be ensured, with the high purity, low gas content, fine and even texture and other performance.

Our range of ingots include Steel Ingots, Alloy Steel Ingots and Mild Steel Ingots. We also specialize in customizing steel ingots as per the drawings and specifications provided by the clients.

Mild Steel is cheap and easy to form, basically used for remelting, alloying and manufacturing of fabrication of steel structures. Mild steel  is often used when large quantities of steel are needed.

The Steel is generally made of low Carbon and Silicon.

Mild steel has a relatively low tensile strength. Therefore it is not used for special purposes such as  reinforcement and heavy structure manufacturing.

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