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Steel Wires & Nails

We offer a wide range of steel products such as steel wires, steel coils, steel barbed wires and steel nails.

Bir Steels Pvt. Ltd. part of Atibir Group is amongst the leading steel manufacturer in Eastern India. It is professionally managed company with dedicated technocrats assisted by personnels of high caliber in respective fields.

Our vision of achieving highest standards of quality has earned us the coveted ISO 9001:2000 certification. We have set higher standards of quality through innovation & advanced R & D activities thereby assuring optimum consumer satisfaction with all safety regulations.

Our products : Binding Wire, Nails, Welded Mesh (NET), Chain Link Fencing, Electro Galvanized Wire, PVC Coated Wire, PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing, PVC Coated Barbed Wire etc. You can consult us for any custom specific requirement as well.

Product Specifications


Steel Wire
Size M.M. Sizes 100 mtwt
16 g 1.82 M.M. 1.245 Kg
18 g 1.21 M.M. 0.915 Kg
20 g 0.91 M.M. 0.514 Kg
22 g 0.71 M.M. 0.311 Kg
24g 0.55 M.M. 0.192 Kg
Sizes 25 Kg & 50 Kg
1 inch X 14 g 2½ inch X 12 g
1¼ inch X 14 g 3 inch X 8 g
1½ inch X 14 g 4 inch X 8 g
1¾ inch X 14 g 4 inch X 6 g
2 inch X 12 g 4 inch X 4 g
2 inch X 10 g 5 inch X 4 g
2½ inch X 10 g 6 inch X 4 g


Note : If you have any specific or custom requirement kindly write to us !

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