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Sribir TMT Bars

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Atibir Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd. (Induction Furnace & Rolling Mill). Equipped with high speed Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) coupled with Quenching and Tempering (Q & T) Process adopted in this plant produces SRIBIR TMT Bars, famous and highly demanded all over India. Our TMT bars are manufactured under stringent quality control policies and in various grades […]

Steel Wires & Nails

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We offer a wide range of steel products such as steel wires, steel coils, steel barbed wires and steel nails. Bir Steels Pvt. Ltd. part of Atibir Group is amongst the leading steel manufacturer in Eastern India. It is professionally managed company with dedicated technocrats assisted by personnels of high caliber in respective fields. Our […]

Mild Steel Bars

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We offer a wide range of mild steel bars for applications like remelting, alloying and manufacturing of fabrication of steel structures. We have established ourselves as a trustful entity offering highly demanded products and on time product delivery. Sribir Steel supplies a wide range of Mild Steel (MS) Square Bars. MS Square Bars are used […]

Mild Steel Ingots

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Mild steel ingots are the basic raw material for manufacturing various types of rerolled products. With the increased infrastructural activities in the country, the demand for mild steel ingots are very high now-a-days. We offer a wide range of steel ingots for applications like forging, upsetting, and ring-rolling applications. The product quality of our steel […]

Pig Iron

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ATIBIR INDUSTRIES CO. LTD has established blast furnace with capacity of 600,000 tpa. One of the largest manufacturers of steel through secondary route in Eastern India, fulfilling the steel needs of almost industry in this  region. Pig iron is a form of iron that is produced by melting iron ore along with charcoal and limestone […]

Sponge Iron

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Sponge iron is a metallic product produced through direct reduction of iron ore in the solid state.  Qualities : High iron content, Uniform and consistent quality, Lower sulphur and phosphorus content. Sponge iron is another form of iron that is produced directly from iron ore through a reduction process. This is why it is also […]